Justin's Ford in Progress

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Engine Correction

The engine for Justin's Wish is coming from this vehicle. Ford placed 5th in the "One Lap of America" race in 2005.
It started life as a 2003 SVT Cobra engine, but has been modified since then with the addition of the Kenne-Bell supercharger, custom Mass-Air meter and injectors, and custom fuel system, and has been rebuilt by our internal prototype engine build facility. In full-tune, it should indeed make 630 flywheel hp, but Ford will also give Justin a larger supercharger pulley and belt in case he wants to tone it down to around 550 or so, depending on what Justin is comfortable with. Ford has invited Justin to visit their prototype shop to watch them assemble the engine as it has been recently reworked for Justin's truck.


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