Justin's Ford in Progress

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Here It Is!!!!

Justin's Truck has been finished! It still has a few more things to go but it runs and it looks complete! Justin and his brother are in Los Vegas this week to see the truck at SEMA. Then it will come back and be in a few shows before Justin will get the completed truck next spring.

Justin telling the story of the truck to the whole crowd

The finished truck rear view

Finished truck front view

Justin gets his first ride in his new truck

The new steering column and dash board

The new engine under the hood

The seats with Make A Wish embroidered on them

Justin's first chance to sit in the driver seat

Justin's grandfather that has been with him through the whole process

Justin being interviewed by a local reporter

Justin and some of the guys that made this all possible

Thank you to everyone who shared in this day with Justin and made it possible. And for those of you that weren't able to make, I hope this helps you somewhat see Justin's truck!


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